About Me

My name is Jenn Boswell and this is my online cubicle of sorts! I started pursuing graphic design while living in North Pole, Alaska and decided that UCLA’s online certification course for Design Communication Arts would help me to learn the fundamental skills, while also keeping me busy during the -40 degree winter months. I was able to finish all of my classes just before my husband and I moved on to our next adventure, here in Arizona.

On our drive from Alaska to Arizona
On our drive from Alaska to Arizona

While Trevor soars around as a F-16 pilot for the US Air Force, I’ve been excited to incorporate my business marketing degree with my new design skill set. I absolutely love creating things in Adobe Illustrator! I was surprised that out of the Adobe Creative Suite, I most enjoy working with Illustrator and Dreamweaver. By using these two programs I can create marketing pieces that can elevate and capture attention for businesses. I’ve learned how to use CSS, jQuery, and HTML to customize websites and engage the web audience more. And with Illustrator I can create dynamic and better branded items that support any company’s attitude.

Jenn Boswell, half marathon finisher
Finished my 2nd half marathon in 1:31:52, placing 9th overall!

Outside of my desk and design life, you can find me out training for my next half marathon or even more likely at the Crossfit gym. While I was in Alaska I was a group fitness instructor, and that passion for working out hasn’t worn off since we left the cold behind. My passion for healthy living and staying active is a huge part of who I am! I find that the dedication, determination, and spunk that I have in the gym plays a part of my business attitude because I’m always willing to push myself. A comfort zone isn’t really that comfortable to me!

If you’re looking for a creative, outgoing and dedicated graphic designer, I look forward to hearing from you!